What Is the Definition of Cake Comb

Hi McKayla! Not at all. Once the tapes are created, they do not bleed into each other and do not begin to mix. In other words, the finish of the cake remains as it is once you finish the icing. I worked for a baker who made a lot of birthday cakes and other Christmas cakes. I spent most of my day decorating cakes. Hi Macy, the width of the stripes on the illustrated cake is 1/4 inch. Various effects can be added using more pressure to create deeper grooves or forming waves using up and down motion while pulling the comb. If the results are not satisfactory, the glaze can be redistributed and the comb reused. Excess icing often needs to be cleaned from the comb so that the pieces of icing do not drip down the side of the cake. The comb should be used immediately after freezing the cake, which will ensure that the icing is still soft, which greatly facilitates processing.

Add your favorite food coloring gel to the rest of the buttercream and mix it up. I used JOANN`s Wilton Color Right food coloring system to mix this deep fuschia color (with the pink and blue colors). Put the colored buttercream in a piping bag and cut about 1/4 inch of opening at the end. Add the colored buttercream on the ridges with your refrigerated cake on the turntable. Finally, use clean icing to surround the cake several times and remove excess colored buttercream. You should clean the smoother icing every time you walk around the cake to make sure you remove as much colored buttercream as possible. This step is crucial for creating evenly spaced strips of buttercream, because if you skip this step and the buttercream is too soft, the strips can spread out and look uneven. Simply place the cake in the refrigerator and refrigerate the buttercream for at least 30 minutes until firm. Thank you, Amy! The illustrated cake consists of three 6-inch layers. I can`t wait for you to make this cake! Right now, it seems that Movable Type is the best blogging platform.

(from what I`ve read) Is this what you use on your blog? With your cake covered in crumbs on the turntable, freeze a layer of buttercream on top of the cake and smooth it with your tilted spatula. Then add a thick layer of buttercream to the sides of the cake and use your icing scraper to smooth it out until the sides are even. Hello Clara! You`ll need about 2 cups of buttercream for the strips + swirls on top (that`s for a 6-inch cake). Hope this helps! Hello! Can you freeze your cake with the sweets/glitter? Thank you! Hello, I love your color palette! Have you just wondered if you have any idea how much raw colored butter icing is needed for the stripes and swirls above? I`ll need to use a little more white icing to cover my cake as my box size is a bit larger, but that would leave me a little too little on how much I have left to dye. Thank you for sharing your recipe. Good advice!!! I need to practice more stripes, but then I feel more confident! Thank you Whitney! Super sweet cake also as usual 🙂 Typically, a cake comb is a flat, triangular tool that measures 5 inches (12.7 cm) by 4 inches (10.2 cm). Each side of the triangle has a different tooth size to create different designs. The shape and size of teeth can vary from serrated to rounded to a combination of both. These variations increase the decorative possibilities for which the cake comb can be used. Next, hold the cake comb next to the cake at an angle of about 45 degrees to you and gently turn the turntable. You need to create these ridges gradually, so make sure you only apply tiny pressure first.

Every time you walk around the cake, thoroughly clean your cake comb by holding it under running water and drying it. You want it to be free of pieces of buttercream to create perfect burrs. Hi Patrick! The blue decorations on the bottom of the cake are these glitter: amzn.to/2KIMnUD Hello Kimberlee! If the streaks disappeared when scraping, it means that you did not make the groove on this part of the cake deep enough, that you underfilled the groove with the colored buttercream, or that you simply scraped that part of the cake too deeply. Perfect stripes require a lot of patience and many detours with a soft and even touch. It also helps to slightly heat the scraper towards the end with a little hot water (dry it before scraping). Hope this helps for next time! Hello. I need to make a red base on the cake and have blue stripes, but I`m worried that red and blue will „merge” and give me purple. Have you ever made stripes with a non-white base? This Cake Comb set comes with three double-sided combs, meaning you can get six different looks in one small set. You can use any of these combs on your buttercream finish to get a fresh, textured look that`s perfect. Especially for this tutorial, the comb with the square cutouts is exactly what you need for the stripes. By pulling it through your buttercream, those little squares of burrs that can be filled with any color you want, then smooth for a flawless striped finish.

As long as you cool the cake for at least 20 minutes after the crumb coating, it doesn`t matter what color you use, as it will be completely adjusted and covered with your final finish. So always the easiest color for your workflow! If you notice that there are holes or holes in some burrs, fill them with buttercream and repeat them with the cake comb. Even if your burrs crack when you pass the buttercream with the cake comb, it probably means that your buttercream is too stiff. Fortunately, there is a simple solution! Simply add a little milk at room temperature to your buttercream and mix it with your blender to get a buttercream with a finer consistency. Then add the buttercream where your burrs have cracked and smooth it with the cake comb. Keep walking around the cake until your burrs are more than 1/8 inch deep. Once you reach the perfect depth, use your angled spatula to create sharp edges on top of your cake. Wipe the buttercream from the outer edges towards the center of the cake until these edges are sharp and the top of the cake is smooth and even.

I`m so excited to make this cake this weekend. How many diapers is your 6-inch cake? Yours is so beautiful! The layer of icing on the sides of the cake should be thick and deep enough for your cake comb to pass through and create burrs, about 1/4 inch or more. Don`t worry about creating the sharp edges on top of the cake yet, just focus on the beauty and softness of these sides. The cake comb is one of the unsung heroes of cake decoration. Think about how many cakes you`ve eaten that have these parallel lines around the outside. This is thanks to the cake comb. It`s a simple little tool, but it makes the tricky work so much easier. Here`s a short video of the process, and I`m going to share everything you need to know about making striped cakes from start to finish. Be sure to read all the tips in each section, as there are a few tricks I`ve learned along the way: A flat, small triangular tool (usually 5 x 5 x 4 inches), usually made of stainless steel. Each of the three edges has serrated teeth of different sizes. This tool is used to create decorative patterns and swirls in the glaze of a cake. Hi Lindsey! Yes, I`ve done yellow and black before and was worried about the same (mixing colors), but as long as you follow the instructions to cool the cake after creating the grooves, you shouldn`t have to worry about mixing colors! Hello Anne-Marie! I have never personally frozen a cake, but I have seen it made with glitter.

I would do a little research on how to freeze a cake to see for sure. Hello, I have a question. This was my first attempt with a striped cake and I am a home baker who is quite experienced.