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The practice dates back to 1792, when William Shippen Jr., a surgeon in the Continental Army, began practicing law. Section 2: A Brief History of the Oldest Law Firms in the United States The Oldest Law Firms in the United States (2022)If you`re looking for the oldest law firms in the United States, you`ve come to the right place. This timely blog post will be your most valuable asset. Another firm, Howard, Kohn, Sprague & FitzGerald of Hartford, Connecticut, describes itself on its website as „the oldest law firm in continuous practice in the United States.” But by his own account, it was founded in 1786 as the law firm of one Enoch Perkins. That`s only 228 compared to 231 for Rawle & Henderson. In 1913, Francis Rawle brought Joseph Henderson into the company, which later became president of the ABA. The company name was changed from Jackson & Kelly to Jackson Kelly in 1916, when George W. Kelly was admitted to the Montana bar. That`s a very different answer, Kuzmick says, when Rawle & Henderson received from Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft, which also claimed to be the oldest law firm in the United States.

The white shoe mega-company pulled out after „a friendly memory,” Kuzmick says. Cadwalader now calls itself „one of the oldest law firms in the country (and the oldest Wall Street law firm in the United States),” a claim no one disputes. His date of birth, 1792, makes him a simple infant compared to Rawle & Henderson. Jackson Kelly PLLC is also one of Montana`s oldest law firms. In 2021, The American Lawyer ranked Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft 85th on the Am Law 100,[38] an annual ranking of U.S. companies in terms of gross revenue. [39] The publication also ranked Cadwalader as one of twenty-four „super-rich firms” in the United States, classified as generating both $1 million in revenue per attorney and $2 million in revenue per partner. [40] For its 225th anniversary in 2008, Arlen Specter introduced a resolution in the U.S. Senate honoring Rawle & Henderson as the nation`s oldest law firm and hailing it as „a nationally distinguished law firm whose reputation rests on the noble achievements of its founders and their commitment to high-quality legal services.” In 1878, they decided to merge their firms into a single firm, which became known as Snell & Wilmer. In addition to its Boston office, the firm has offices in Essex County, Rhode Island and New London County, Connecticut. To date, the company`s offices are located in downtown Boston at 60 State Street. The new firm started with a team of three lawyers and no office help.

Howard, Kohn, Sprague and FitzGerald were founded in 1786 by Enoch Perkins, outstanding compared to other well-known legal figures of his time, and are distinguished by being one of the most experienced law firms in non-stop practice in the United States. Howard, Kohn, Sprague and FitzGerald`s attorneys are widely regarded as the state`s most capable interim attorneys, with a long and deeply respected history at all periods of the general case, including preliminary, preliminary and investigative work in state and state courts. This is considered one of the oldest law firms in the United States. In the sacred rooms of the oldest law firm are Henry Inman`s portrait of founder Rawle (left), as well as Russell Recchion`s portrait of founder Joseph Henderson (top right) and a framed letter from none other than Alexander Hamilton from 1793 (bottom right). Photos by Gene Smirnov. As Philip Schuyler`s attorney, George Templeton Strong provided legal assistance to Eliza Schuyler Hamilton in founding the Orphan Asylum Society. In 1848, the firm founded the New York Association for Improving the Condition of the Poor and advised the Association for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. In 1861, George T. Strong founded the U.S. Sanitary Committee, a forerunner of the American Red Cross, which raised more than $5 million for Union soldiers in need of medical care. Strong`s cousin and legal partner, Charles, oversaw the founding of the New York Medical College & Hospital for Women and Children. For nearly two centuries, Fletcher Tilton has provided legitimate, high-quality support to anticipate its customers` needs.

In addition, it provided an extraordinary understanding of what current activities mean for future results. It was with a large number of customers for long distance, and understand what long distance looks like. It is also one of the oldest law firms in the United States. As one of the first „global” law firms, Cadwalader has offices in New York; Washington, D.C.; London; Paris; Frankfurt; Madrid; Hong Kong; Tokyo; Beijing; Shanghai; and Singapore. As the legal industry has become increasingly competitive, Rose Law Firm remains one of the most prestigious law firms in America. Tarrant & Combs LLP is a full-service firm with approximately 140 lawyers who can provide legal assistance to a wide range of clients. You can determine if a law firm is legitimate by using resources like Martindale-Hubbell, which has been around since 1868 and accredits lawyers based on their experience and membership in various professional organizations. The company`s Philadelphia founder, William Rawle, knew Franklin, known as the U.S. The ambassador to France helped Rawle return to America after studying law abroad. Rawle also met with George Washington, who appointed him U.S.

Attorney for Pennsylvania. Guinness World Records is perhaps the pop culture authority for the world`s oldest man. But when it comes to determining which is the oldest law firm in the United States, Guinness is silent — but the internet isn`t. Cadwalader expanded its presence by opening an office in Charlotte, North Carolina in 1996,[8] establishing a presence in London in 1997,[15] and its first office in China – Beijing – in 2005. [16] George W. Wickersham, an antitrust lawyer, joined the firm in 1883[5] and became a partner in 1887. [9] Wickersham was appointed Attorney General of the United States under President William Howard Taft. [9] Henry W. Taft, brother of President Taft, began working at Cadwalader in 1889. He became a partner in 1899 and served as a special assistant in the United States.[5] He was attorney general from 1905 to 1907. The company became known as Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft in 1914.[13] [9] In the same vein, Arizona: Snell & Wilmer is in the list of the 8 oldest law firms in the United States. Law Associates, surveyed for the Vault 100 Law Firms, ranked Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft.