Nota Legal Sao Luis Ma

The registered user who makes the payment in a single quota until February 27 will receive a discount of 20% + the amount of credit available for legal credits. To participate, simply register and request the inclusion of the CPF in the invoices at the time of your purchases. Benefits of the Legal Note program include: 1. Go to the page click on the „Register” tab; Once registration is complete, it will still be necessary to request the inclusion of the CPF in the invoices. This will allow you to receive the benefits and participate in the raffles. To register in the „Legal Notice”, you must access the REGISTRATION PAGE: or consult all the information on the program website: After entering the website, you need to click on „System Access”. 2. Enter a valid CPF and email address and click „Next”. To be eligible for credits and other benefits, you must first register. Individuals, private sector not-for-profit organizations, condominiums and individual micro-entrepreneurs (MEIs) can register in the „Legal Notices”. 6.

The Legal Note system sends an e-mail confirming the approval of the registration and from that moment access to the system is released. > email accounts that are considered suspicious or used multiple times will have their registrations declined. One of the most important electoral promises of President-elect Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT). SRI will inform SEFAZ of a new date for the reopening of the registration procedure. 5. At the end of this procedure, the consumer awaits registration through the coordination of the programme. 3. Then the system sends a link to the informed email that the consumer needs to access and from this link, fill in the registration form. 4. The registration form contains personal data such as: full name, address, mobile phone, etc. You must also save a system access password. On Wednesday, February 16, another virtual training for companies from other cities took place.

On the last day of the 30th and 10th, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) was elected President of Brazil. The reduction of the IPVA is only possible with the issuance of the payment ticket in the accredited network generated on the SEFAZ MA website. Then click on the „Use Credits” tab > „Credits” >, „IPVA Rebate” > „Select a registered vehicle” > specify the amount to be charged. (up to 50% of the IPVA value) The Legal Notice is a program to promote fiscal citizenship of Maranhão introduced by Law No. 10.279/2015. SRI has worked to strengthen the government`s relationships with civil society organizations to ensure great strides in implementing social programs for the benefit of the community. Accumulated credits can be used by the user in the following cases: > it is not possible to register without a valid email account; The consumer who wishes to register for the program must: 3 – Enter your CPF and email address and click „Next”. If you click „Confirm”, the consumer will not be able to cancel the process. To obtain the system username and password, you need to select the „Save” option in the portal.

Next, it must be selected whether the registration is a natural or legal person. Then, the „System Access” option in the „First access” menu. As of September 22, 2022, the National Registry of Positive Outcomes is in effect. The program has 251,430 registered users and 291,497 participating companies. Visit the SEFAZ MA website (link below), inform RENAVAM and under „Consult”. Print the note and pay in the accredited banking network before the expiry date. The benefits that the citizens of Maranhão can receive through the legal notices are: Sefaz informs consumers enrolled in the Legal Note program that has published the credit redemption module to mitigate IPVA 2022.