North American Consortium on Legal Education

The North American Consortium on Legal Education (NACLE), composed of 12 participating law schools in Canada, Mexico and the United States, strives to promote and share an understanding of legal systems in North American countries, as well as enhance each member`s skills to provide quality legal education and research that meets the needs of the North American professional community. NACLE regularly organizes an academic development workshop that combines research and professional exchange with social interaction. The three-day agenda is based on a central issue or issue of legal importance to North America. Concurrent workshops and forums are facilitated by Canadian, Mexican and U.S. law professors who specialize in specific areas of law and policy. Through NACLE`s exchange program, students learn about the legal practices and legal structure of neighboring countries. This replaces the pedagogical component and enriches it both personally and professionally. Members` law schools are chosen on the basis of the quality of the education they provide, their expertise in areas of law in which member countries have a common interest, and the surrounding communities of the institution. The different cities include: Montreal, Ottawa, Mexico City, Washington, DC and Houston. Context and perspective are crucial for any education; This exchange allows students to change their legal perspective in a dynamic legal environment.

The North American Consortium on Legal Education (NACLE) is composed of 13 participating law schools in Canada, Mexico and the United States. It was established in 1998 with grants from participating countries. NACLE aims to promote and share understanding of legal systems in North American countries. Improving each member`s ability to provide students with quality legal education is a central goal of the organization. The professional legal environment in North America is constantly changing and students must be prepared to meet its requirements. Building research, writing and advocacy skills is at the heart of the NACLE programme. NACLE was founded in 1998 with the support of Canada, Mexico and the governments of the United States. NACLE`s membership has grown from nine to twelve law schools and law schools in Canada, Mexico and the United States, including the University of Houston Law Center.

The late Stephen Zamora, founding director of the Center for U.S. and Mexican Law, served as executive director of NACLE for many years. NACLE provides a unique forum for researchers and practitioners to work with member governments to find answers to current legal issues related to North America. Students typically participate in NACLE through semester exchanges and academic competitions that stimulate the dialogue needed to promote innovative ideas and solutions. More broadly, NACLE organizes annual conferences and panels to bring together the private and public sectors with the legal minds that make up the organization. The North American Consortium for Legal Education (NACLE) explicitly recognizes from its members that law professors, law students and lawyers are increasingly faced with complex legal issues due to the interaction between institutions and individuals across North America. Effective legal education and advocacy in the 21st century requires an understanding of the similarities between the legal systems of the United States, Canada, and Mexico, while keeping them sensitive to their differences. Young Girls students can apply to participate in the consortium as a second- or third-year guest student for a semester at one of NACLE`s Canadian or Mexican member institutions: Dalhousie University Faculty of Law in Halifax; Faculty of Law, McGill University in Montreal; the Faculty of Law of the University of Ottawa; Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey Escuela de Derecho in Monterrey; Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico Instituto de Investigaciones Jurídicas in Mexico City; and Universidad Panamericana Facultad de Derecho in Mexico City. Credits earned as a visiting student in the NACLE program count towards the total credits required to complete the degree from JD to GW. NACLE was founded in 1999 to promote a better understanding of neighbouring legal systems in North American countries by providing opportunities for cross-border research, curriculum development and student exchanges. NACLE US member schools also include the James E.

Rogers College of Law at the University of Arizona and the University of Houston Law Center. In addition, participants exchange and cultivate relationships through receptions, dinners and many opportunities to explore the host city. Graduate scholarships are honored through the paper competition, where students present their work for faculty and peer review in open sessions. This is another opportunity to meet and interact with many prominent members of the legal community. The winners will receive compensation for their trip. NACLE schools are bound by the ABA guidelines for study abroad programs; You do not have to host or send a certain number of students. (The ABA guidelines for foreign study programs prevent NACLE members from sending or receiving more than two students from the same foreign law school in a semester; conversely, NACLE members can send or receive more than two students per semester, as long as the previous rule is not violated.) NACLE members strive to achieve a balance between sending and hosting students from each country and school in order to best support the consortium`s objectives.