New York Sword Laws

I am a blade blacksmith and would like to know if knife laws also include hand-forged knives and if a double-edged Karambit with a fixed blade is legal or not??? It is forbidden to openly carry or display weapons containing knives on municipal property in accordance with article 180-7. Buffalo knife laws do not allow knives to be displayed or worn openly. Which knife? I don`t have a knife. When he appears in court, which most police officers do not do. Since the court has the burden of proof to prove beyond a doubt, let them prove that you had a knife in the first place. I would challenge the ticket in court and let them prove that you had a knife. Or simply pay the fine. NYC is terrible with its knife laws. I live in upstate New York and they are a little more lenient towards knife bearers. NYC has much stricter laws than NYS itself. I guess it should be treated the same as a traffic quote.

In the sense that it is better to plead not guilty and see if the court offers to reduce the charge to something less serious at the hearing. It can also come in handy with background checks. Since it probably won`t be good if it turns out that you have that particular load on your plate. You could possibly use this as a valid reason to respectfully request a fee reduction. Remember that the court is not really there to ruin your life, they just want to make money quickly with you. I just sold an antique hunting knife and shipped it to someone in New York. Will I get into trouble? I didn`t know until I read this article that the laws there would be a problem. A stick sword is defined as a staff or bragging staff that hides a blade that can be used as a sword or stiletto. Hello are sword sticks legal if they are kept hidden in two parts without the blade, in two parts in? Can anyone answer that question? In New York, virtually all breech pocket knives are (wrongly) considered „gravity knives.” If a policeman can open it by repeatedly hitting it with all his might, you will be arrested.

This has become so prevalent in recent times that defense attorneys have specialized in this area. I am a law-abiding citizen without prior arrest and was recently arrested and detained for 7 hours for carrying a pocket knife with a blade less than 3 inches (small Sebenza 21), which was of course confiscated. I must now return to New York in February to appear in court. I had no idea I was breaking the laws. If you go to New York, leave your knife at home or be careful. -I still can`t believe what it`s costing me. (Look for the gravity meter and NYC) IMO`s knife laws are archaic and ridiculous, especially in New York. Gravity meters are legal, otherwise they wouldn`t sell them in stores, such as kershaws. I own automatic knives. They deploy as fast as a gravimeter, if not within a fraction of a second of a difference.

Policymakers need to redefine the statutes of the law and apply common sense to books. New York State knife laws apply equally to concealed and unconcealed knives. Some municipal or transportation regulations in the New York metropolitan area restrict the open carrying of knives. Well, New York laws prohibit any knife with a blade larger than 4 inches. Yes, it is perfectly legal to possess a looter or cold steel knife, as long as it is single-edged and not intended to be used as a weapon, but to be used. Although the looter looks menacing and would advise to carry it, you could easily call it a Leakle knife and you`d be fine, I live near Binghamton and have read the laws. They would be fine, legally it is allowed because there are no length restrictions in New York except in New York Although it may be legal in some circumstances, carrying a sword in public is generally illegal. If you are facing firearms charges, you should speak to a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. I want to try to get in touch with my representative from New York State to try to revise these current knife laws.

All knife enthusiasts and owners need to band together and write or make phone calls, as well as make a personal appearance with/for is all too easy to be arrested for carrying a tool for which many have been arrested and convicted, and we need clear guidance on what we can and cannot do. Now, just a note on the Connecticut Supreme Court. Has already decided that all knives are protected by the Second Amendment. Why didn`t my condition eat right away? It is time for us to take a stand and express our concerns. Let`s change some laws to make it easier to defend yourself, not to condemn yourself. So a Stilleto is legal to own in New York and since „there are no concealed carrying laws, it`s legal to open or hide a legal knife,” can I wear it properly? Swords aren`t really covered by most „knife laws.” My best bet is a short sword. I hate wearing small blades. I`m so good with a sword. However, you have a duty to retreat, which means that you must do your best to escape before defending yourself, unless it is in your home under the „castle doctrine”. To me, this is the biggest mistake of the law and the most abusive part of our self-defence laws.

This means that a cop can really push with a power trip if he thinks you could have escaped further or better before defending yourself. The positive side is that, according to the law, you still only have to have a reasonable fear of being attacked to defend yourself, which means that even if someone is very aggressive and you are in a corner with you, you can still fight to get out of this situation, at least until you can escape. Tell the court exactly what you said here. The officer was far from the line on a knife, but it depends on the wgat knife you are carrying. Declare to yourself that you have every right to do so. They made a law in Manhattan that they call a „public threat trial” (purely delayed, but it`s made law!) and everyone is arrested with a cut pocket knife, the problem with this law is that many people, even in New York, do not know about this law, this law has not even been made aware of other New Yorkers and most people. who come from our state, of course, would not know. Neck knives and small concealable fixed blades are another way. The NYPD is so exaggerated when it comes to small things that it`s sad. Either way, explain to your judge that you are from another place. I`m glad I don`t live in New York, but the next time you want to carry a knife, I hit Victorinox Swiss Army Knife and a small one, but Swiss Champ is fine.

Be careful because I heard (I hope that`s not true), but they hit a homeless man on a plastic knife that you can find at kfc or a food restaurant. There are many cases where wearing a sword is considered a religious/cultural practice or part of a sport or martial art. The possession of switch blades, pilumb ballistic knives, metal knuckle knives, tube swords and kung fu stars is prohibited. Hey, I`m 13 years old and I`m curious about the laws of the Karambits. These are curved daggers about four inches long, and I`d like to get one. However, I am not sure what laws were about them because they were not mentioned. Is there a certain age you have to be to carry one with you? just curious. If you have an answer, please send me a message @john83804 Instagram, thx It is illegal to carry a sword or katana as an oart from your Holloween costume, according to New York State law: What about owning swords? I oive in Long Island NY I have like 6 they are for training and maybe for the zombie apocalypse. They are locked up and I don`t take them outside.

Is it legal to possess? I don`t intend to wear them, so it doesn`t matter?? NYC. Apparently, it is illegal to open a knife, for example attached to your pants. New York laws on knives are confusing and sometimes seem to contradict each other. This article will show you what New York`s knife laws actually say and link them all to relevant court decisions to give you an easy-to-understand overview of New York`s knife laws and what`s legal in New York City. Carrying a sword is illegal in all major cities. If the blade of the sword has a cutting edge, and that edge is sharp, regardless of whether it is a suit or a threat, it is considered to be wearing an AR-15. You may not intend to do harm, but you have no idea what other people`s intentions are around you. Better to keep it plastic So what`s the point. Well, there`s the law written in books that`s confusing and open to interpretation and could come into play if you do something stupid or stupid. If you`re a responsible collector and you keep swords on your property, keep them out of public view, or carry them in a bag/box to a legitimate destination, I`d be surprised if something came out of it in the US. On the other hand, if you wave swords near neighbors, or carry them in the supermarket, as you call it, or claim it`s for „self-defense” or anything else that treats the sword as a weapon that you can potentially use against the public, then be prepared for a very different reaction from law enforcement.

Restrictions on carrying a knife vary in New York City.