Michigan Knife Laws Self Defense

The boot knife is a very important weapon for hunting or surviving in the rainforest. It can save your life from very dangerous animals. If you are preparing to hunt outdoors, you should carry the best boot knife to protect yourself. Legal knives must be secured in a hidden place that no one but the car owner has access to. For example, you can place a suitable concealed transport knife in a vehicle by placing the knife in a secure suitcase and then storing the suitcase in the trunk of the car. I think you need to review this article. They say it is legal to carry an automatic knife, but it is illegal to own one. Sorry, Sandro. It is illegal to possess this knife in the state of Michigan. If you carry a knife and someone attacks, can you use that knife to fight back? While this article only talks about the state law on knives. You must remember that Mi does NOT have pre-emptive rights for knife laws, so a knife that is legal in one city or municipality may not be legal in the next city. The rugged outdoor recreation industry — especially fishing and hunting — has played an important role in drafting knife laws that are favorable to outdoor recreation enthusiasts. A double-edged, non-foldable stitch instrument is a fixed blade with two edges and a tip.

You can not carry such legally hidden knives. However, if the non-folding knife has a cutting edge and/or no tip, you can carry it concealed. And a knife without a point = lol… I might as well carry a brick. I would say that if you hide it, prepare to be questioned, they are very small, depending on the blade you can get, I see that they are mainly used to open boxes. You can own any knife from what I`ve read, but if you want to hide it as a police officer, I`m sure it`s a hidden weapon that`s legal, but be sure to ask first, I`m not a lawyer. A Michigan criminal law that mentions the length of the blade is subsection 226(1), which states: „No person shall, with intent to use it unlawfully against the person of another, with a . Dagger, dirk, razor, stiletto or knife with a blade more than 3 inches in length or any other dangerous or deadly weapon or instrument. However, this only applies to people who intend to do harm.

Hi, I work at a private company in Michigan that serves alcohol and I encounter situations where someone with a large knife (well over 3, maybe 5 inches) is in a case on their belt or shoulder strap. Do I have the right to ask him to put the knife in his vehicle or refuse him entry? In October 2017, the state of Michigan passed amendments to previous knife laws, making Michigan a knife-friendly state. Public Law 96 of 2017 allowed the sale and possession of switch blades and pocket knives. We understand – it can be confusing to track what you can and can`t own or carry in Michigan when it comes to guns. But it`s worth informing when it comes to your rights. So if you`ve been accused of owning an illegal gun or carrying a weapon that was forbidden to you, call The Kronzek Firm immediately and make sure your future is in the hands of someone who knows exactly what they`re doing. And that`s us. Call us now at 866-766-5245 and arrange your free consultation with one of our aggressive and persistent criminal defence lawyers. We have been a lead lawyer for the NRA for 20 years. You can reach us by phone at 1 866 7NoJail. So, if there is an intention to break the law, it is acceptable to carry a knife longer than 3 inches.

Even if the knife has more than one blade. An example of where this has happened is in Chicago, where a man was convicted of carrying a dangerous weapon with intent to injure. A police officer found the man leaning behind a car at night in the summer with leather gloves. Given the time of year, the fact that the knife was in the open position and the fact that it was hidden, a jury found him guilty of carrying a dangerous weapon with intent to injure him. Posted by www.michigan.gov/msp/0,4643,7-123-1591_3503_4654-10953–.00.html So, can I OPEN a stiletto-style folding knife with a single edge and be legal? I dealt with a case in Ottawa County where the prosecutor who is currently laying charges against my 14-year-old son because the officer called my son`s knife a dagger. The knife is a double-edged spring folding knife. When I emailed the governor`s office, they said the following about double-edged knives: It was a crime to own a switch blade, a mechanical push-button knife, or an automatic/spring-assisted knife until Michigan law changed and legalized those knives in 2017. MCL 750.226a, repealed. 2017, Law 96, Eff 11 October 2017.

The Michigan legislature amended 750,227 in 1986 by adding „double-edged knife instrument of any length.” The intention may have been to provide a more objective term for „dagger, dirk or stiletto,” as there is no evidence that „double-edged stabbing instrument” was an addition to the prohibited class.